Pay It Forward

Release Date: October 20, 2000
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Starring: Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment
Genre: Romantic Drama, Social Issue Drama
BRA Rating: X-Rated.

SUMMARY: A young, thoughtful, bright young boy, who happens to be from a damaged family takes to heart a middle school social studies project to find a way to change the world and make it happen. He decides to implement the ‘honor system’ called pay it forward. In this system people do kind things (but it has to be a big thing) for someone else and instead of paying the good deed back to the giver, the receiver pays it FORWARD to 3 other people.

WHAT WE SEE: This film earns an X rating for limited exposure of minorities and the almost comedic feature of the “All Black Men are in Jail” stereotype. While there are a wide variety of characters to a multifaceted white society, the only life situation for black men is to be in jail and for black women is to be middle aged and alone there are no positive black images in this movie.

• Total Black Characters: (5) one speaking, four close visual non-speaking
• Stereotypical Black Characters: (4) Sidney, participates in 4 scenes. In 3 of the scenes he has negative interactions with police. And, in all four of the scenes, he curses and refers to females derogatorily.
• Stereotypical Scenes (5) And in 2 of the scenes he displays violent rage. All but one of the non-speaking black characters is in prison scene. The final black extra is a middle aged well dressed black woman whose non-speaking role implies single mother who lost a child to violence. Criminal, egotistical, violent, obnoxious
• Positive Black Role Models (0)
• Positive Black Messages (0)